Catering Ideas for Gender Reveals and Baby Showers

One ideal approach to make the gender reveal party or baby shower you’re planning a success is to hire a professional catering company. You can enjoy the festivities and relax whenever you do not have to worry about refreshing, presenting, preparing, and shopping for the food.

While you should always depend the menu on the specifics of the event such as budget, theme, location, and time, there are tips you can follow to have an event that is memorable and smooth.

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Take it Easy When It Comes to Food-Related Kitsch

Perhaps you found a lot of pins, articles, and blogs with ideas for blue and pink foods and even for foods that do the gender reveal themselves. While they might appear cute, you’ve got to keep in mind that these foods have been photographed by a professional and staged by a food stylist.

A professional catering company can perhaps handle whatever food items you would like. However, on almost every occasion, your guests would love having high-quality food items that have not been made unappetizing by adding colorants and additives.

Differ Your Food Offerings

Your guests will have dislikes and likes. They’ll differ a lot. On almost every occasion, the dietary limitation is one thing you’ve got to consider. You’ve got to ensure you offer a variety of food. This will allow that every person has a lot to consume.

You can begin by talking to the celebrant about their dietary limitations. Possibilities are that she will not be allowed to consume particular foods. This includes undercooked or raw eggs, meat, or fish, a couple of kids of fish, soft cheeses, and much more. Utilize your judgment. However, if the mom-to-be is limited from any food she really likes, you might want to think about not to include those food on the menu.

In addition to that, your guests might have dietary limitations or unique diets for medical reasons. Think about including several vegetarian or vegan options too.

Spread the Food Around the Venue

You should place platters and food stations around the area to keep the party flowing. Your guests can grab anything that appears interesting as they chat nearby or pass by.

If you spread the food around the area, you can help prevent the jam that tends to happen if you provide the food in a single spot. Also, you will discourage the antisocial plate-pilers and help guarantee you’ve got food available throughout the party.

Provide 1-Bite Finger Foods

If you provide 1 to 2-bite finger foods, you can achieve a couple of useful goals. You get rid of the need for flatware and plates. These lowers both your expense and the amount of waste your party generates.

Also, you will be able to provide more variety for your guests. As a rule of thumb, you should plan for 5-6 various foods and 2 of each item per guest. A professional catering company can help you plan.